Meredith The Amazing Brown Dog

When the boss is also the founder of the Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo (now in its 25th year) and Pet-A-Palooza adoption events, it’s hard not to share this heart melting story about Meredith “the super dog”.

Meredith, once a heartworm positive shelter dog, has saved the lives of over 200 underaged puppies AND KITTENS over the past 3 years.

Under the supervision of her former foster and current adopted mom, Meredith cleans, cuddles and cares for the babies in need while teaching them important social skills and redirecting inappropriate behavior.

The kitten in the image above was just days old and had no chance of survival without Meredith the Florida brown dog.

To read the story and to see the rest of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s Making Tracks Winter 2017 issue just click on the adorable image above.